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ORBIS is an ERC_20 token which represents a predefined basket of well-known and highly liquid cryptocurrencies (please see Portfolio). Upon your purchase of an ORBIS token, our platform automatically calculates the corresponding amounts of the underlying cryptocurrencies, identifies their lowest ask prices across several exchanges and places the needed purchase orders. Essentially, this guarantees that each ORBIS token sold is properly backed by the underlying cryptocurrencies in our vault. You can learn more in the FAQ section.


ORBIS offers cryptocurrency investors a simple way to gain liquidity, diversification and security all at the same time without the need for tradeoffs. Such benefits are especially important to investors with limited experience in the cryptocurrency market.

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The ORBIS token is comprised of a mix of well-known cryptocurrencies which enjoy significant trading volume. Moreover, the ORBIS token is fully backed by its underlying cryptocurrencies. On top of that, we always keep open buy orders on the exchanges where ORBIS is listed, in order to facilitate cashing out. Those three characteristics make the ORBIS token highly liquid and enable investors to easily convert it to fiat money or any other popular cryptocurrency.


The different cryptocurrencies behind the ORBIS token allow investors to diversify their market exposure. Essentially, by investing in a basket of cryptocurrencies, as opposed to investing in any single cryptocurrency, investors significantly reduce the risk of incurring losses because that would require that all them move in sync.


The well-established cryptocurrencies comprising the ORBIS token enhance its overall security. The complete backing of the ORBIS token allows investors to quickly convert it into fiat money and/or into other popular cryptocurrencies. Lastly, the ORBIS token buy/sell transactions are powered by a proprietary bot which constantly scans leading exchanges for optimal prices.


The ORBIS token marks merely the beginning of the ORBIS project. The company's ambitious roadmap includes the provision of a wide range of products and services such as investment tools and payment methods.


The ORBIS Investment Team aims to provide investors in the ORBIS token with an instrument which represents a basket of highly liquid and available cryptocurrencies which adhere to a set of preapproved investment criteria described in detail in the ORBIS whitepaper. In order to achieve this, a group of seasoned crypto investors and financial experts will be revising the portfolio composition every 3 months. The ORBIS Investment Team will largely base its decisions regarding the composition of the ORBIS portfolio on in-depth market research which includes analyzing whitepapers, conducting technical due diligence and acting upon the latest trends and developments from the cryptocurrencies market. In essence, the ORBIS Investment Team will do the heavy lifting when it comes to researching and actively managing the ORBIS portfolio, while saving time and efforts for the investors. Such periodic revisions might require the exclusion and/or substitution of certain underlying cryptocurrencies over time to reach investors’ objectives. The following pie chart depicts the initial portfolio distribution:

Stable growth

Even if the underlying cryptocurrencies behind ORBIS experience extreme fluctuations over time, the diversification which the cryptocurrency basket offers allows for much more stable long-term returns. The following chart illustrates weekly percentage growth of the prices of the respective cryptocurrencies and the projected one of ORBIS. Source:


Saving time - by choosing to invest in the ORBIS token, you save time when it comes to completing the extensive research needed to understand the distinct underlying cryptocurrencies while simultaneously minimizing your risk exposure.

Avoiding bureaucracy – you avoid going through the tedious KYC processes of being verified on the different exchanges where those are traded because our proprietary bot interfaces with the exchanges such as Kraken, Bitfinex and others and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Transparency - by taking advantage of the blockchain technology that powers the ORBIS token, we provide you with a fast, reliable, secure and transparent service. Moreover, all of our smart contracts have been audited by independent parties which adds a further layer of transparency for investors.

High performance - our proprietary batch transaction algorithm ensures high performance and quick execution at all times. Whenever we detect the sale of an ORBIS token, we batch it together with others, to ensure a steady and stable workflow.

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Using offline multi-sig wallets for storing your portfolio and working with independent custodians.


Offering a seamless mechanism to purchase ORBIS tokens that is a mouse click away.


Providing investors with a high level of transparency powered by blockchain technology.


Allowing investors to create value rather than waste time with lengthy KYC processes.


Giving investors access to the best deals out there thanks to a proprietary bot.


Ensuring reliability and high performance through a batch transaction algorithm.


Viktor Viktorov

Founder and CEO

Vasil Georgiev


Angel Kelchev

VP of finance

Alexander Kolev

Tech Lead

Dimitar Barfonchovski

Senior JS/Solidity developer

Iva Ilcheva

JS/Solidity developer

Stefan Arnaudov

JS/Solidity developer

Teodor Savov

project manager


Our goal was to make ORBIS as accessible as possible. All you have to do is create an account/sign in, choose one of our payments options (currently ETH, BTC, XRP), and send your preferred amount!
ORBIS was designed to deliver liquidity, diversification and security to investors. In addition, basket tools such as ORBIS save investors time by eliminating the need for extensive market research and disparate processing of transactions.
Currently we support ETH, BTC and XRP payments. Soon you'll be able to purchase ORBIS with fiat currencies as well!
We only charge a small fee of 3%. The proceeds that we generate allow us to continue to perfect our offering and invest in additional maintenance and marketing.
The portfolio was selected as a result of extensive collaboration between experts in economics and avid cryptocurrency investors. It represents a basket of well-established tokens that offer exceptional liquidity and strong potential for future value creation.
Yes, ORBIS will be available for trading on several crypto exchanges and the underlying cryptocurrencies are also quite liquid on their own. It will be up to you to decide whether to engage in active trading or hold on to your investment.
We make use of offline, multi-sig wallets safeguarded by the independent custodians that we work with.
No. ORBIS is meant to be linked to well-established and highly traded cryptocurrencies in order to provide relative stability. However, if any change to the portfolio is deemed necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you in a timely manner.



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